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Leaker Management Secondary Containment

SCM-FLOW® Leaker Management Secondary Containments are designed to capture and contain small periodic oil leaks from oil filled equipment.  The containment is designed to the low level alarm of the oil filled equipment.  The SCM-FLOW® Leaker Management Secondary Containments lower O & M costs by assisting in recognizing the spill.  Leaker management secondary containment also manages and minimizes the spill size and lowers the cost of oil spill clean-up.

scm-flow-secondary-containment-leaker-management-metal-vaultSCM-FLOW® Metal Vault Units are installed adjacent to an existing transformer pad or to a pad poured in place. They are designed to contain a determined amount of oil for the leaking equipment, allowing for preparation of scheduled maintenance or repair of the equipment. It utilizes a galvanized railing system on the concrete pad to direct the oil and water into the containment. It also provides a safe work platform surrounding the equipment.
scm-flow-secondary-containment-box-insert-leaker-managementSCM-FLOW® Box Insert Units are installed in a new or existing precast culvert, transforming the culvert into a secondary containment. The SCM-FLOW® Box Insert Units are easy to install and a great solution for permanent or temporary secondary containment needs. For temporary secondary containment needs (i.e. construction sites) the SCM-FLOW® Box Insert is installed in a trench; creating a temporary secondary containment.
scm-flow-secondary-containment-leaker-management-curb-unitOriginally designed for parking lots to contain oil from leaking vehicles, this unit has also been installed in power plants, factories, and machinery storage facilities. Built to be installed in new or existing curbing, the unit is easily installed by cutting out a section of curbing and installing the unit with grout. Great for heavy equipment storage yards, existing curb secondary containments where rain water can be involved, and various industrial applications.
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