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Catastrophic Secondary Containments

scm-flow-secondary-containment-catastophic-containmentThe patented SCM-FLOW® Catastrophic Secondary Containment Units are designed and installed around oil filled equipment and is specifically designed to capture and contain all of the oil of the oil filled equipment in case of a catastrophic release. The types of SCM-FLOW® Catastrophic Secondary Containment units available include: Berm Units, Metal Vault Units, Moat Units, Trench Containment Units, DOT Head Wall Units, Wall Inserts, and Concrete Vault Units. Our secondary containment units meet the Federal Regulations defined in 40 CFR Part 112, SPCC Compliance, and Stormwater Compliance BMP’s.

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Leaker Management Secondary Containments

scm-flow-secondary-containment-leaker-containment-featuredSCM-FLOW® Leaker Management Secondary Containments are designed to capture and contain small periodic oil leaks from oil filled equipment.  The containment is designed to the low level alarm of the oil filled equipment.
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Mobile Secondary Containments

scm-flow-secondary-containment-mobile-containmentSCM-FLOW® Mobile Secondary Containments are designed to be mobile, making secondary containment feasible for anyone with smaller containment needs.  The units are not installed and may be moved from location to location with ease.
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Custom Secondary Containments

scm-flow-secondary-containment-custom-containmentThe SCM-FLOW® Custom Secondary Containments are designed to fit an existing site need or specification.  The containment is designed and fabricated to meet your existing needs.

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