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secondary-containment-scm-flow-spill-containmentAs manufacturer of the patented
SCM-FLOW® secondary containment systems, SCM Containment, LLC has been developing and providing customized spill containment solutions for many years.  We design each SCM-FLOW® secondary containment system to meet your unique containment needs.  SCM-FLOW® secondary containments are the most efficient means of capturing hydrocarbons and many other floatable contaminants, reducing environmental liabilities.  SCM-FLOW® secondary containment systems meet Federal Regulations defined in 40 CFR Part 112.  SCM-FLOW® secondary containments also meet SPCC compliance and Stormwater Compliance BMP’s.

SCM-FLOW® Secondary Containment Saves You Money

With a SCM-FLOW® secondary containment in place, oil spill clean up cost is reduced by thousands of dollars. SCM-FLOW® has been recognized and accepted as an Innovative Technology with the TCEQ and through the TCEQ qualifies for tax relief for a Pollution Control Property.

SCM-FLOW® Secondary Containment – Your Best Option

The SCM-FLOW® product is designed to capture and contain hydrocarbons and many other floatable contaminants. Traditionally, there have been three methods of separating oil from water:
  • Costly chemicals
  • Applied heat
  • Residence or retention time

Residence or retention time is the natural way to separate oil from water.

working scm-flow secondary containment system

This method allows enough space and time for oil to naturally separate from the water. SCM-FLOW® utilizes the natural process of retention by simply stacking the oil and water emulsion, facilitating the natural separation. With the SCM-FLOW® in place, the oil becomes trapped behind the product, allowing the fresh water to pass through and move downstream. SCM-FLOW® systems are specifically designed for floatable contaminants*. They physically trap 100% of the oil or floatable contaminants that come in contact with the SCM-FLOW® secondary containment system. Once the oil has been separated or stacked behind the SCM-FLOW®, acceptable industry practices can be utilized to remove the oil from the water, such as absorbent pads, cellules loose absorbents, skimming or oil mops.

Customized Secondary Containment Solutions

SCM Containment, LLC customizes SCM-FLOW® secondary containment designs for any containment need so they can be easily included in your new construction plans or retrofitted into your existing situation. Once your design criteria have been determined, we fabricate your secondary containment system to be installed. This plays a great deal in how our cost cutting measures work for you.  SCM Containment, LLC offers a turn-key solution for installation, but the SCM-FLOW® secondary containment can easily be installed by others as well.

*Please Note: SCM-FLOW® is not designed for and will not affect water soluble contaminants.